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Lunch - Served All Day

Grilled Cheese

Mild gouda on sliced sourdough or whole wheat. perfectly grilled. warm, melted classic!

Large group box option - see below!

$4.50 (+tax)
Grilled Ham & Cheese

The classic grilled gouda taken up a notch with smoked ham.

$5 (+tax)
Special Order Lunches

(Only for Groups Larger than 10)

*48 hour notice required. Comes with fruit salad, cubed Mild Gouda and a drink

Tri-tip or Teriyaki Chicken Sandwiches - $15/meal
Grilled Cheese Or Grilled Ham & Cheese - $13/meal

Tomato Soup

(available in the colder months)

Black pepper gouda stirred into delicious tomato & seasonings. topped with house-made bakery croûtons. a seasonal, cold-weather treat !

$3 + tax (half cup)
$4 +tax (full cup)

Bottled Water - $1.00

Sparkling Water - $1.50
Lemon, Lime, Berry or Orange

Sparkling Pear Juice - $3.25

Coffee/Hot Chocolate - $2.50

Arizona Iced Tea - $1.50
Raspberry, Lemon or Green tea with honey

Diet Green Tea - $1.50

Lemonade, Lemonade Tea or Unsweetened Black Tea- $3.25

Soda - $1.00
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper, 7UP, Diet 7UP

Snapple - $2.25
Apple, Mange, or Strawberry Kiwi

Specialty Soda - 2.50

Sarsparilla,  Root Beer, Ginger Beer, Orange, Strawberry, Grape

Chocolate Milk - $2.00

Martinelli's Apple Juice - $1.75

Juice Box - $0.75
Apple, Apple Grape or Fruit Punch

Fresh Baked Breads

Classic French Bread
Sourdough French Bread
Cinnamon Raisin
Garlic Basil Croutons

Crisp and buttery with a hint of Parmesan and herbs


Sweet Treats

Plain Cheesecake

German-style: Light & airy

Chocolate Almond Cheesecake

German-style: Light & airy

Plain Cheesecake w/Lemon Curd

German-style: Light & airy.

Seasonal Cheesecakes

Strawberry, pumpkin, mandarin orange pineapple, and apple cinnamon


Decadent dark chocolate with bits of gouda mixed in. Delightful nutty flavor.

Cheesecake Brownies

Semi-sweet chocolate brownie with german-style cheesecake batter, swirled with more brownie batter & sprinkled with chocolate chips.

Take & Bake Apple Pie

Available in the fall only

Large Cookies

Oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip & peanut butter

Thumbprint Cookies
Traditional Biscotti
Chocolate Dipped Biscotti
Quark Spreads

Lemon Curd, Fruity, Herb, Pesto, Sun-dried Tomato, Onion


Local Beer and Wine


Last Call Brewing - MADE IN OAKDALE!

Stop in for current selection

Grains of Virtue Brewing - MADE IN OAKDALE!

Stop in for current selection

Dust Bowl Brewing 
Hops of Wrath IPA, Taco Truck Lager, Taco Truck Amber Lager, Hobo Pilsner

Firestone Walker
805 Blonde Ale, Parabola Barrel-Aged Stout, Luponic Distortion - Revolving Hop Series


Far West Cider Co.

$14/bottle (500mL)
Wine & Cider - Single Serve

Beringer Spritzers- $4.00

Veuve du Vernay Champagne (2-pack) - $13.50
Gallo - $3

White Zin
Cab Sauv

Indigeny Reserve  Cider- $5.00
Extra Crisp

Wine by the Bottle

Hatcher Winery - $26.75

Parrish Family Vineyard - $30.00
Stop in for current selection

Haraszthy Family Cellars - $18.75
Bearitage —Old Vine Zin, Sauv Blanc, Petite Syrah

Great American Wine- $16.00

Masked Rider Winery - $12.50
Sagebrush Pinot Noir, Six Gun Cab Sauv

Fat Cat Cellars - $12.50

Merlot, Cab Sauv, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio

Chateau La Paws -$12.50

Stop in for current selection

Forestville Vineyards - $7.50
Stop in for current selection

Cheese Platters

*24 hour notice required

All Mild

Approx. 2.5 lbs.

Four Flavors

Approx. 2.5 lbs.